Uczniowie naszej szkoły mają wiele talentów. Jednym z nich jest lekkość pióra…

Uczniowie naszej szkoły mają wiele talentów. Jednym z nich jest lekkość pióra.  Przeniesienie myśli na papier nie jest łatwe w języku ojczystym, a co dopiero w języku obcym… Oto prace zdolnych uczniów klas trzecich, którzy dzielą się z Wami swoimi przemyśleniami na temat jak to być w dzisiejszych czasach nastolatkiem.

Temat oryginalny artykułu, który pisali Wasi rówieśnicy na zajęciach języka angielskiego to: „Write an article about how it feels to be a teenager today and suggest ways to change how teenagers are perceived by others”  Miłej lektury 🙂
mgr Katarzyna Szpechar-Butkiewicz

Julia Lenicka IIIa


Nowadays, adults don’t often pay attention to teenagers’ feelings and thoughts. They may think that youngsters are lazy, unproductive and much worse than their parents when they were younger. Little do they know, life of a teen in the modern world differs from how it used to be years ago. What problems do teenagers face nowadays and how can they be solved?

Firstly, young people are expected to do well at school that in most cases is the main reason behind their issues. The youth has been very vocal about hardships with the education system, yet their voice is considered unimportant and adults put the blame on children for their poor achievements. Moreover, it needs to be said that they are constantly being compared to the older generation. However, the times have changed and I dare to say that today teens have much more studying, housework and on top of all of that, they are pressured by their peers and society that tells them to be perfect.

Despite different points of view between the older and younger generation, there are some methods to understand teenagers and change the way they are perceived by others. First of all, youth’s voice need to be heard. Parents, teachers, people in power – they need to know teens’ opinions do matter since now they don’t receive any help and are not taken seriously. In addition, elders should not be so judgemental towards youth and they ought to get to know kids’ mindset to see issues they are going through on a daily basis.

All in all, I think teenagers’ views are seen as insignificant and overdramatic by most adults. We face many problems that often lead to low self-esteem and mental health issues. The situation of youth being looked down on needs to change.



Julia Szuba, IIIa


Not only are teenagers lazy, but also sad.

Being a teenager has never been easy. Although everyone at some point in their life were a teen, the majority of adults don’t understand the youth at all. Hearing insulting comments about our behaviour has become so common, that we stopped paying attention to it. In the news we get to hear stories about bad and worsened teenagers. However, have you ever heard a young person explaining their point in public? Me neither.

World can be cruel for us teenagers. On daily basis we are perceived as lazy, irresponsible, childish or even addicted to technology. It is obvious that hearing those kind of negative words can really put somebody down. Depression and other mental problems have become more and more present in the teen life. Young people are just scared of not being good enough. Sometimes the youth can’t handle the stress that comes with it and give up on trying. What is more, most parents do not understand the hard times that their own child is going through. Mental health problems are often considered as laziness or simple sadness that can be cured easily.

Although it may not be easy to improve our image, it is not impossible. Firstly, a parent should listen what their children have to say. The most important step is to simply talk. We must try to understand both sides, if we want to make a change. It would be a lie, if I said that our generation is not lazy. We, teenagers should do something about this too. What is more, parents must know about our problems, we can’t simply sit and wait until someone asks ‘Are you sure that everything’s fine?’.

All in all, I do still think that being a teenager nowadays is truly hard. However, we should trust parents and simply talk with each other. What is the most important, if you want to make a difference in the way the youth is perceived by others, you should look at yourself and make that change.


Łukasz Gancewski , klasa IIIa


„The truth teens want you to know”


You must have seen a lot of different articles and opinions about how teenagers are behaving today. However, have you ever thought what a teenager may think about this occurance? As a young man of eighteen, I want to tell the truth about teenagers today.


Like every person, no teenager is the same. Some of us are helpful and kind, and some are stubborn and rebelious. That means, thinking of us in a stereotypical way is not correct. Furthermore, many of the negative articles about teenagers, even if true, do not tell the general view of us, but only of a minority. There are a lot of cases where young people try to make the world better, but media, seeking for drama, does not want to acknowledge that. Consequently, a lot of people hear only the stories about teenagers misbehaving.


In addition to the topic, we are also misunderstood. When older generations see our culture, which is mostly seen on the Internet, they feel confused. It is quite understandable, but it does not mean we should not be tolerated only because of our interests and hobbies. We like to do different things, sometimes more extraordinary, and we want to make people understand it is nothing weird or to be scared of. Our goal is to change how we are perceived by others. But how we want to do that? That is a hard question to answer.


All in all, it is not easy to be a teenager today, but it has never been easy anyway. Every generation had a problem of being misunderstood by adults and that is why I do not think we can change how others think of us. Even if they had exactly the same problems as us, they still feel uneasy about how different our culture is to theirs. Of course, there are a lot of adults who tolerate our ideas and opinions, but as I said earlier, media is only seeking for drama and so we only hear about the worst cases of intolerance.





Maciej Ziarek, klasa IIIa

These days it is very likely to hear many different opinions about teenagers.Some of them are extremely negative and because of such opinions teenagers get mad and try to change the way they are viewed.But should they?


Scarcely do we get to hear something positive about the younger generation.They are often viewed as fiends and anarchists.What’s more is that it is often said they have no future, no knowledge about life and they cannot function properly without computers.Since teenagers are viewed so badly they often get mad,depressed or disappointed.But should teenagers even care?


Personally,I believe they should not give a thought about what the elderly say about them.No matter how much they try to change their opinion it will not work.If the teenagers do something positive the older generation will not care at all.It’s just the way life is. In addition, about twenty,fifty or even a hundred years ago the younger generation was despised as well.The older generation is simply too stubborn and narrow-minded to understand them.Furthermore,people used to complain about teenagers relying too much on books,I believe it may sound familiar.


All in all, teenagers are perceived badly and althought that is the case there is nothing to be done about it.All they can really do is wait for their turn to start complaining about kids.



Milena Dziwik IIIa


We all should agree that every adult person has been a teennager, shouldn’t we? It means that all of them had problems, secrets they have been hiding from the family. Of course there are some exceptions but most young people have their own life trying to be the best version of themselves and live their life. However, we all have our ups & downs and we should not be judged because of who we are.

It is not a novelty that many problems are caused by technology and being addicted to smartphones or the Internet. Uploading photos on Instagram and sending videos can make teenagers famous but it’s also a reason why they are bullied. Young people receive many messages full of hate every day since they have their own opinions or beautiful faces. Anxiety and depression are effects of bullying and it is what their parents should know. Furthermore, in the era of electronics teenagers’ parents spend more and more time at work treating their kids like they are adult and spending less time with them. Young people, even if they don’t seem to, really need to be kids sometimes. These factors have horrible consequences. If parents don’t talk to them, they won’t know how to behave.

Honestly, the main way to change how teenagers are perceived by others is to talk with them.Conversation can really change everything, not only the way we behave, but also the way we think. It is significant to feel loved and important so that is exactly what parents should tell their kids and make them believe in those words. Although it may not seem so important, I think it is what everyone should know. Had we known this from the start, we would have avoided many problems.

All in all, as far as I’m concerned, even if someone really thinks that teenagers don’t respect anything and they only cause problems, he or she should try to understand our needs and talk because we want to do so. We’re just lost sometimes.


Monika Lenkiewicz IIIa


Live in a dream?

Adults recall their teenage years as a beautiful, careless and free life. It is said that they often claim  that they want to be a teenager again.But how teenagers’ lives look like these days?


Teenage life has a lot of disadvantages. Everyday young people are dealing with judging and other people’s opinions. What’s more, elderly people aren’t understanding and most of time they aren’t tollerant. Furthermore, if you live an a small town, people know you better and talk a lot.


Not only do people judge in your town, but also on the Internet. They think that they are above the law. As we know it is not true. However, people bully others too often. Therefore teenagers have to be more mature and careful in XXI century.


If we want to make a difference in perceiving teenagers, what our activity will be? Firstly, older people should listen to teenagers and treat them seriously.Personally, I think that young people ought to have a voice. Maybe take part in political talks or appear on TV and talk about important things. Moreover adults should be more forgiving.


As far as I am concerned, teenagers’ life is not so easy. They are trying to fit this world. They are also looking for their own path and purpose. But it will be easier if people stop  judging them and try to understand.